Pansee Senses Spa Hue

Address: Parkview Hotel Hue – 09 Ngo Quyen, Vinh Ninh, Hue City

Our second successful story in Hue is located on a four star standard hotel – under a handful care and management of famed Ben Thanh Group. Our outstanding services has met all of the even most demanding customers both domestically and internationally.

Our facilities are clearly divided into Gentlemen and Ladies with elegant decor, green surrounding and calming enviroment such as steamed, dry saunnas, jacuzzi and footbath. These surely comforts every customers.

This is a true place-to-be after an exploring day visiting Hue or just simple a me-time moment for locals in Hue.

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  • Head Massage In Spa

    Back Neck Head Shoulder


    A solf massage on the back, neck, head and shoulder that relieves stresses and eases away tension. Good for office workers or long year back pain.

  • Scrub

    Body Scrubs With Pink Salt & Coffee


    Usage of coffee ground, pink salt, essential oil to exfoliate, soften, moisturize the renewed, fresh, smooth skins, deep tissue massage involved, shower afterwards.

  • Tam Bun

    Body Wrap With Natural Mud


    Body wrap with natural mud from Thap Ba Hotspring center in Nha Trang city followed by the traditional Vietnamese massage will be a great treatment for a sensitive skin.

  • Facial 1

    Deep Pores Facial For Her


    A facial designed to hydrate your skin with the use of special cleansing products with natural plant extract that sooth and soften sensitive skin while it cleanses and retains natural moisture.

  • Woman Hands With Manicure Holding Flower

    Deluxe Manicure


    Deluxe manicure includes nail trim, cut, colors, and hand massage

  • Herbs

    Essence of Hue


    All of these special herbs will be combined with essential oil locally made in Hue which believes to rejuvenate and ease away the chronic pains of lower back and stiffed neck.

  • Foot 1

    Foot Reflexology


    A traditional way of applying all gentle to hard pressure on trigger points underneath the foot in order to ease pain and circulate blood

  • Woman Getting Spa Treatment Isolated On White. Massage With Hot

    Hot Stone Fusion


    Indulge with the magic healing effect of the marble stone coming from Danang Marble Mountain, believed to have a magical power that is placed tragically on energy points of your body. It promotes inner peace while giving power and warmth to tensed muscles. This is also recommended to ease the pain from the lower and upper back.

  • Four Hand

    Parkview Signature


    Parkview signature is our best massage in which we introduce the even techniques and pressures of massage from two skillful therapists. All of the movements will be at once and make you feels like one person works with four amazing hand.

    The package followed by a complementary services of:

    • Steamed sauna with ginger, lemongrass (15 minutes)
    • Dry sauna with essential oil (10 minutes)
    • Shower
    • And Jacuzzi
  • Refresh Facial

    Refresh Facial For Him


    We uses slices of fresh cucumber, fresh orange, fresh milk and fresh honey to work on the muscle on the face to relief the tense and ease the pain away. At the end we will place the collagen mask on to build up a protection layer and renew your skin

  • Four Hand

    Swedish Delight


    A smooth and gentle massage leaving the body relaxed with a sense of well being, a blend of essential oils help to stimulate and revitalize

  • Thai 1

    Thai Massage


    A treatment where gentle to moderate forces are applied on zen lines, plus stretching the mussels and joints. This will relax and invigorate the body, reduce mussels tightness and improves the blood flow.

  • Vietnam 1

    Traditional Vietnamese


    An exclusive use of Vietnamese ginger and rice wine to apply onto body after massage build our immune system and stamina. Vietnamese older generations still use this method today like an alternative to any western medicines.

    A word of note: When in Rome, ….!